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Cloverdale Paint – made in Canada!

We call Cloverdale Paint the West Coast's best kept secret. You may not of heard of Cloverdale until now, but Cloverdale is the largest family owned Canadian Paint Manufacturer in the Country! Based in British Columbia and with manufacturing in BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec it truly is a Canadian success story. Our family business is proud of the special relationship that Cloverdale has had with its customers since the company was founded in 1933. This relationship that was built on a commitment to exceptional quality in manufactured coatings and superior customer service. Cloverdale Paint - made in Canada success story! 

Interior Paints 


Ecologic Ultra Low VOC Interior/Exterior Waterborne Series are out finest high performance Architectural finishes with near zero VOC. Ideal for use in Residential and Commercial applications where high-traffic finishes are needed, such as in schools, hospitals, institutional and light industrial applications. From $31.99 - $85.99 

Premium Classic 
Premium Classic

Cloverdale Paint's Premium Classic series is specifically formulated to provide professional applicators and home owners with a premium quality coating that exceeds the hiding and application performance of regular product lines. From $56.99

Master Painter
Master Painter

The Master Painter brand has been specifically formulated for the Professional Contractor. Master Painter offers high quality characteristics at a value price. Ideally suited for commercial work where industry quality approvals are required. From $44.99


Multimaster is a Water-borne Acrylic Urethane designed for both interior and exterior applications. Formulated with our VST (Variable Substrate Technology), this universal coating provides both functionality and aesthetic value in a low odour, non-flammable formulation.  From $31.99 to $89.99


Renaissance is a hybrid waterborne premium quality interior/exterior alkyd enamel that provides the toughness and durability of alkyd or oil-based paints but in a low VOC water-based formulation. Excellent water and abrasion resistance to withstand repeated scrubbing and wear and tear. From $28.99 to $71.99

Premium Classic High Performance
High Performance

Cloverdale Paint's High Performance Premium Classic Series is formulated for professional applicators where better washability and stain resistance as compared to conventional interior latex coating is required. Exceeds the hiding and application performance of regular premium contractor product lines. From $66.99 

Kitchen and Bath
Kitchen and Bath

Kitchen and Bath is formulated with the latest 100% acrylic latex technology and provides maximum durability with superior stain resistance and washability. It's super adhesion with smooth flow and leveling properties make Kitchen & Bath the best choice for use in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and other areas that are prone to moisture on walls. From $25.99 to $66.99

Ceiling Latex

Premium Classic Flat Latex Ceiling Paint is a latex emulsion designed for previously painted textured ceilings or new and previously painted smooth ceiling where a dead flat sheen with high light reflection is required. It is formulated to reduce roller splatter along with excellent hiding when dry. Qualifies for LEED credits. From $38.99

Alkyd Calcimine Recoater
Calcimine Recoater

A professional interior oil base wall finish for use on all interior walls and ceilings including drywall, plaster, masonry, and primed wood. The rich, flat finish reduces the appearance of physical surface imperfections. Ideally suited for textured walls and ceilings. From $52.99

Primers and Sealers

Drywall Sealer

A premium latex primer/sealer for use on new drywall, interior masonry surfaces and to prime patching compounds used with wall repairs prior to repainting. This product is a superior performing, higher hiding, Vinyl-Acrylic latex sealer with excellent sanding properties. From $15.99 to $34.00

Stain Block

A premium interior / exterior alkyd (oil base) primer for use on new or previously painted woodwork and siding including plywood, particle boards, dimensional lumber. It is formulated to prevent staining and tannin bleeding on painted woods such as Redwood and Cedar. Also available in Shellac and Acrylic formulations. From $25.99 to $58.99

Bonding Primer

An Interior/Exterior Waterborne Acrylic Speed Primer with excellent adhesion and lower odour than other quick drying primers for hard, non porous surfaces. This product features high hiding properties and is ideal where drastic colour change is required. Approved under the Master Painter's Institute under category #17. From $25.00 to $59.99

See store for detailed pricing. We have a lot of product in stains, primers and sealers not listed here. Contact the store if you need a specific product and we will do our best to source it for you. We are proud to feature Cloverdale Paint in Ottawa, Kemptville and the Rideau Valley. 

Exterior Product - coming soon!